Sunday, November 2, 2008

these are some of the disneyland pictures we took. we went for my grandma liz's retirement party. it was fun and kind of hard because we had a lot of little kids. it was awesome because we stayed in the disneyland hotel and the rooms were great. i went with my cousins tooo. georgia went on a rollercoaster and enjoyed it and the house and fantasy rides we went on. disneyland is a great place to take a family and friends. i hope you enjoy the pics and dont forget to comment.

this video is so funny it is georgia in a sunglass shop in san diego. she decided to put some on and put on a show for the people outside and the workers. the song she danced to was fergalicious. hope you like it........ i know you will and i know you willl laugh. it will cheer up your day no doubt.

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Claudia! I love you BLOG! You are so pretty and I can't believe how grown up you are! We love you!